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Salia says…Something Weighty Billows Across The Sky

rain clouds

Rain clouds gather, but only, for they will not break.

They will not break at all; only the Society is passing by.

Something weighty billows across the sky, hemmed in by rain clouds.

A Know-nothing may see it but will not, foolhardily, give it away

If you blab on about it you will not be back when you go.


“Can’t Force Love As Bananas Are Force-Ripened For Market”

Next up is Sande Mania (Sande Maania would be more correct).

Sande Mania, according to Salia in his 1993 interview, was first recorded about two years after the war. Giving allowance for the imprecision of an old man’s recollections ( Salia was about ninety years old when the interview was conducted), that would place the recording at 1947 or thereabout.

As the name suggests the song is a paean to women, referred to here as the Daughters of the Sande.  It’s not just the subject of the song that is a celebration of women, but the style too of Sande Mania is a nod to the Sande Society. As Salia Koroma songs go, this is a dance tune; the theme is light and playful, as is the tempo.