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Salia says…Something Weighty Billows Across The Sky

rain clouds

Rain clouds gather, but only, for they will not break.

They will not break at all; only the Society is passing by.

Something weighty billows across the sky, hemmed in by rain clouds.

A Know-nothing may see it but will not, foolhardily, give it away

If you blab on about it you will not be back when you go.


Salia Says…



The short-stemmed pipe smoker is a cocky one.

No sooner he clenches on one side of the mouth than he goes:

  -My head is in the clouds!

Salia Koroma, Kpomuma Jekele

But as the great tree falls they take flight.

When the Worthy falls the whispering campaigns come to an end.

Salia Koroma, Manawa (longer version)

Salia Says…

What’s eaten in holes and corners doesn’t profit

-Or the squirrel would be a deer.

An HMV soundbox/head

An HMV soundbox/head

When a child, on a whim, wishes to insult an adult in a gathering

They’ll say:

“What part on a person hasn’t a known name?”

In that hide quite a few insults.

But he who doesn’t know doesn’t know.

His Master's Voice gramophone

His Master’s Voice gramophone