This section has to do with the epigrammatic Salia Koroma.

From time to time I shall be bringing you short excerpts from songs and stories of Salia Koroma: maxims and parables, quips, reflections. These extracts touch on the relationships between individuals, and on those between the individual and society. They touch on the relationships between ruler and subjects, between the fortunate and the less fortunate, and between the artist and the society in which he lives, and the fundamental tensions that underlie all these relationships. They question the basic (read, lazy) presumptions that govern his society’s view. But they sometimes reaffirm some of these basic beliefs.

Taken as a whole, the Analecta will show an artist who thought deeply on his subject; they’ll show an artist with a clear philosophical outlook on his art and on life. As he sought to enliven the ennui of the ruling class he served for most of his career, Salia was engaged also in educating his patrons and his fellow countrymen and women. These sayings will show someone finely attuned to his people’s attitudes and cultural foibles.


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