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Man flees suffocation.
Man who, with his incredible appetite, seals himself in without having done stocking up will free himself by his own hands, rivers suddenly risen.
Man, whose edge is grown dull through forebodings, who deforests his inner silence and arranges it into dramatic parts, the latter is the maker of bread.
To some, prison and death. To the others, the transhumance of the Word.
To exceed the limit of creation, to raise the blood with action, duty of all light.
We hold the ring where are chained side by side, here the fiendish nightingale, and there the angelic key.
On the jagged peaks of our bitterness, the dawn of conscience rushes forward and deposits its silt.
August mellowing. One dimension lasts through the ripening of the other. Hostile dimensions. Banished from the harness and the nuptials, I strike the iron of unseen hinges.

–Char, Fureur et mystère (translation by Nikiibu, selection from the Nov/Dec. Reading)



this yielding enchantment…

“The man and the woman brought together by the agency of love remind me of the hull of a boat moored by its hawser to the spell of the pier. This burble, this yielding enchantment, these incessant nips, the nearness of the abyss, and above all, this fugitive assuredness: a tie-up between the storm and the lull.

-Char, fragment 64, A une sérénité crispée (in Recherche de la base et du sommet)
Translation and sketch by Nikiibu