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Salia Says: “They’re A Forest Puff Adder Underfoot”


Konuwa, look about you!

Shun the one who doesn’t want you in leadership.

       -They’re a loaded gun you must step over as you go along;

      -They’re a forest puff adder underfoot that you must step over.

Chief Murray, dear friend, don’t you forget that.

Were it to clasp itself to you, there is tribulation for you.

Salia Koroma, Kpomuma Jekele (version sung to Chiefs Konuwa, Murray)


Salia says…Something Weighty Billows Across The Sky

rain clouds

Rain clouds gather, but only, for they will not break.

They will not break at all; only the Society is passing by.

Something weighty billows across the sky, hemmed in by rain clouds.

A Know-nothing may see it but will not, foolhardily, give it away

If you blab on about it you will not be back when you go.

Salia Koroma: “Two Heads Of Game Wouldn’t Fail To Fill A Pot”

The song I’ve posted is in every way a stand-alone performance, ‘culled’ by the singer himself from the longer composition that we all know. What we have here is the fifth portion of Fishing For Our Father, The Legend Of Fawonde, in other words the conclusion of the song.

We should note that Salia has given to a familiar story a very deft narrative slant, and this is so only because of the chiefly audience.