Salia Koroma: Youth Takes Up with Crabbed Age

I wouldn’t be overstating Salia’s influence on the musicians of the 1960s, ’70s and early ’80s if I highlighted here that influence, would I? For this I have to thank the wonders of Youtube. I’m focusing on one group for this post.


Now here’s what I found, a song by Orchestre Muyei (Muyei Power), a pop group active in the 1970s:




Compare this particular piece (Makeh Vei, or My Beautiful Woman from its original title) to the excerpt from Salia Koroma’ Kpana Mango that will follow. In terms of arrangement and instruments, the two songs have absolutely nothing in common. Ah! But in terms of lyrics everything is Salia Koroma’s; the only lyrical originality in the pop group’s song is the three-word tag : Oya nya bonda! Every single word after is Salia Koroma’s.

So essentially from a 15-second Salia snippet the younger generation gave us a five-minute pop concoction, a very danceable concoction of course.

Salia Koroma:    Kpana Mango




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