Salia Koroma: Ghost Towns, Hauntings And Crossing Over

An eerie silence inhabits the ghost towns of rural Sierra Leone. The lonely traveller coming suddenly on these places hurries his pace; a group of people going through falls silent. These are liminal spaces, perched (as it were) between the living world of still-visible signs of human habitation and the decaying world of what used to be a human space.

It’s in such places that the spirits of those who have just passed on are said to be found. These spirits are of those whose deaths are sudden, almost always the young, those in their prime. And the belief is that they’re having a hard time accepting the fact that the experiences of this world have been wrenched from them. In the three to four days before the ceremony that will give these souls rest and leave to cross the river into the realm of the departed, they’re believed to make apparitions to those unaware of their passing. It’s one such spirit that is the subject of our next Salia Koroma song.


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