The Ballad of Vonjo: The “Coles Notes” Version

It’s been very very quiet on this front, and certainly not for want of Salia Koroma material. For whatever reason(s), it hasn’t been possible to post before now.

The material I have for you today is Vonjo, a story of courtly intrigues and abuse of power.

I usually refer to this recording as the “Coles Notes” version of the story of Paramount Chief Nyahagua III (Lower Bambara Chiefdom), Gangui Vonjo by his given name. As Salia recordings go this is a very busy one, with the singer cramming too much material into too few minutes. The storyline, such as it is, isn’t linear, and the listener is left to piece it all together. For a more linear narrative one must listen to the longer version, as the stories (there’s more than one) and characters barely sketched here are fleshed out.




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