The Singer Wreaks His Revenge

For any discussion of Lamin, the ballad I’m putting up on Youtube, one needs to recall a leitmotif in another Salia Koroma ballad (Yohmie/The Ballad): the

"Lamin's a snail-shell mortar; Put unhusked rice in, you can't mill it.This Lamin's an incandescent 'kandi-wood' brand;// Set out for the farm with it, you can't get there with (fire still in) it."

“Lamin’s a snail-shell-mortar;
Put unhusked rice in, you can’t mill it.
This Lamin’s an incandescent ‘kandi-wood’ brand;
Set out for the farm with it, you can’t get there with (fire still in) it.” 

admonition to avoid discussing personalities. This is relevant because the ironic gossip-avoiding singer of the other song has chosen here to ignore his own advice; instead, Salia goes full-tilt at a fellow named Lamin, at defining him and others like him.

You see, Lamin owes Salia some money. The problem for Salia is that when the debt comes due, he finds out gradually that Lamin has no intention of paying back the money owed. Salia, to his growing irritation and frustration, discovers that Lamin is quite ingenious at avoiding repayment. Salia has tried being the tactful lender trying to collect; he has tried rudeness.  And calling the law to his aid hasn’t borne any fruits either. What’s a singer to do? Compose a song; pour all frustrations and disdain into the composition. Lamin’s a layabout. He’s irresponsible. He’s a reprobate. He’s undependable. How many ways are there to portray people like him who ruin a village and its hardworking people?


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