Salia Koroma: “A Singleton Cuts An Abject Figure At Night”

O what an abject figure a singleton cuts at night!

So it was said: “A single person cuts an abject figure at night.”

This mean mean shutting of doors can drive one to distraction.

Eh there’s no work in town. What’s become of the town?

Milled ‘rough’ rice: That thing is sweet with pumpkin!

Save me, save me, my fellow singleton, save me!

Salia Koroma: “Kpokpo Yega”


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  1. I appreciate the ping.
    I must point out, without, I hope, coming across as a scold, that our uses of the word “abject” differ. My “abject” is a faint-hearted word meaning nothing more than “pitiable,” hardly taboo-breaking, hardly a jolt to our senses of being, and hardly a challenge to how we comprehend our world.

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