Salia Koroma In Conversation

Salia Koroma, Kenema, 1993

The video entitled “Salia Koroma In Conversation” is the first in a series of conversations that Salia had in 1993. This one, like the others that will follow, has been edited for concision.

Aside from revealing how he became an accordionist, this video shows how Salia’s personal story is intimately interwoven with our country’s pre-Protectorate and early Protectorate history. Boboi Kandoh, Salia’s father,  had not only served a good number of pre-Protectorate potentates, but he had had a hand in the construction of the Sierra Leone Railway which was to play such a major role in the opening up of  the country that we know today. We see Kandoh the roving musician as a nationalist, a wordsmith, a defender of old values. We get a sense of the Old World value of filial duty and the fear that accompanies disobedience to one’s parents’ desires and wishes.

Salia Koroma, after eighty years of dedication to the accordion and to the  wishes of a stubborn father, reveals a prediction made so long ago by a paramount chief: that the son would surpass the father. Upon that revelation, Salia becomes reflective, refusing to say any more on the topic. We’re left to wonder what we could’ve learnt if somethings had not been left unsaid, if all had been said.


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  1. these conversations with Salia Koroma are priceless and wonderful. I last talked to him in 1970 at his home in Kenema. Twenty three years later he hadn’t changed much even at almost ninety. Can you let me know more about these interviews.

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