“As We Meet Here, There’ll Be No Backbiting”

I’ve decided to put up the rest of the song Yohmie, so I’m posting the second instalment. Other segments will follow. My initial intention was to go no further than the poetic prelude I posted back in February; but try as I could, I couldn’t quite ignore the fact that, as a stand-alone,  it lacked something. This sentiment takes nothing away from the prelude. But the word “yohmie” means a ballad, which  is a sung narrative. (I’ll treat the word “yohmie” (ballad) in a future post in order to clear up any misunderstanding about the popular understanding of the term ballad. This is important, as my explanation will show.)

In  Part Two Salia Koroma narrates his run-in with Sapha, a sneaky Koranic teacher, and how he was finally able to evade Kamoh Sapha and his pupils. The time of the story was when Salia was a young man, or at least a youngish man. Teacher Sapha gives him a shilling, which Salia believes to be a token of appreciation. Little did he know that “the Muslim man” was ‘investing’ in his (Salia’s)  tour. He reluctantly agrees, only to find out that the man had two pupils instead of one, as he’d been told. Well, I don’t want to spoil the plot.  Enjoy!

Yohmie 2 is in the Salia Collection in the sidebar.


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