Salia Koroma: Everything Passes

I shall be finishing the commentary on Fishing for our Father at a latter date, when I put up the last segment of that song. For now, I’m bringing you Mende Gendei, a song that can be rightfully called Salia’s signature song.

There’re many versions of Mende Gendei. What they all have in common are the first and third parts; you can always expect to hear the same words in those sections. The middle part is always variable. And the middle normally helps to date the recording. This version dates to anywhere between 1982 and 1986. But all those different  versions of the song deal with the same themes: love, wealth, power, fame, and their attendant jealousies and small-mindedness.

Over the next one week, I’ll be doing a line by line analysis of this first section that I’m putting up for your enjoyment.

**See Mende Gendei in the Salia Collection on the sidebar.


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