Salia Koroma Sings Of His Adventures

Here it is. Any commentary I shall be making on this ‘video’ montage will come in other posts. If you have something to say about the song, how you interpret it, from what angle you see it, feel free to express yourself. Note the colonial-era words like askari (which sounds like “asikai,” in the usual way in which Mende assimilates foreign words by inserting vowels between consonant clusters). Note also the juxtaposing of everything new in the then-Protectorate and what had always existed- the land, its diversity, its creatures (even the most seemingly insignificant). Keen observation meets a gifted lyricist’s verve here.

Yohmie (The ballad) is in the Salia Koroma Collection in the sidebar.

Enjoy once more, you Happy Few!


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