Come Right In…

Nikiibu Notebook is finally up and running, and you’re welcome.

I’ve been working on this site for some time now, mostly primping,  in an effort to present, firstly, a visually appealing site. I’m still working on that end. (I’m one of the fussy ones.)

As with form, so with content. In this instance I wrestled with the precise focus of this blog. Of course I had some ideas as to what I wanted it to be about, but choosing one over the other was the problem. I’ve opted finally to cover a broad range of topics, with more than a limited focus on Salia Koroma, the greatest musician-poet Sierra Leone has had to date (in any language spoken in Sierra Leone). In a sense, then, consider this blog a Salia Koroma Vector .

So this certainly isn’t another African music blog, thank you very much! That ground’s well covered. And this most certainly isn’t a public confessional.

This post’s just the start. I’m hoping that this blogging thing will be a long and fruitful (also, mostly enjoyable) journey. It might well turn out to be not unlike the proverbial lorry that plies the route to Kpetewoma, strenuously lurching from side to bone-jarring side as it negotiates the potholes. Hand your bag, bundle, over to the ‘motor-boy.’  Hop in. It’s very empty now, our lorry, but we hope to pick up other riders along the way.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback—constructive comments, critiques, etc. Your scorn and ridicule, though, you can keep for yourself.



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  1. Emmanuel Sigauke

    Thanks for leaving comments on Moments in lit. There is a demand for genre, and our writers must expand…

  2. Bintu Farmer

    Dear one of the fussy ones,

    I want to thank you very much for this great work of yours. You have made me proud of who I am, where I come from and for what I stand for society.

    I want to show off to you a bit that I have listened to Salia Koroma all my life and I still listen to his music/lyrics today. I have enjoyed it and I still do.

    I am so happy that words cannot express how I feel about what I now understand about his songs/messages to us. You’ve added depth to my knowledge which has led me to appreciating the richness and relevance of Salia’s great work.

    I admire your cognitive and communicative ability to crack the codes and idiomatic expressions which Salia Koroma sang in.
    I met Salia Koroma when I was growing up, in F/town when I was on holiday. At the time, he was receiveing his honouary degree bestowed upon him at The Fourah Bay college (university of Salone). And a few more times after that in Kenema.

    I want to congratulate you on your great undertaking and I look forward to reading the “fifth part of Fishing for Our Father”. This particular song, I had always commented that “he fishes only for his father not his mother”. Now I know what he meant, due to your hard work. Thank you very much.

    I thank you very much for shedding light on this great man once again.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Bintu Farmer- Panguma, Kenema, Sierra leone.

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